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Posted by Nathaniel Bannister on Tue, 26 May 2009

Hosting Done Right

When it comes to bringing your business online, one of the first things you need (besides a good web developer), is reliable web hosting. In the past, the thing to do was to pay a shared hosting provider, (GoDaddy, 1&1, or Dreamhost typically) to host your site. While this used to be sufficient for a simple website, they have been unable to keep up with the increasing demands of their customers. Things have recently changed for the worse in that these shared hosts have gotten greedy, overselling their server space to obscene amounts (some putting thousands of customers on a server). This of course is no field day for you, but it adds a lot of difficulty to our job as well. Software that was optimized for fast load times and easy content management doesn’t fare too well in an environment where 15 second load times aren’t unheard of.

They bait you in by offering you the world in terms of resources. Offering more than you could ever want, need, or use. While you may think your getting a good deal, you’ve been blindsided by the numbers they want you to see. While bandwidth and storage space are very important, there is another very important resource you need to consider, server utilization. You can have all the storage and bandwidth in the world but they don’t mean anything if your machine is too overloaded to use them. With as many as several thousand customers being thrown into one server, it doesn’t matter if your significantly under your limits. If anyone on your server gets even close to using their allocated resources your sites performance will take a hit. While in some cases this may be bearable, remember that every time their servers go down, so does your site. The outages stack up, and what may amount to a few hours per month is potentially lost business. This problem compounds over time and what originally seemed like such a great deal is now a nightmare.

We’ve been there, and for that very reason we try very hard to spare our clients the pain of dealing with the hell of a shared host. The unpredictability of a shared hosting environment is not suitable for business applications, and for that reason we set up all of our customers on top of the line VPS Servers with Slicehost. While setting up a Virtual Private Server isn’t a task for the uninitiated, we are more than prepared to make sure that your site is hosted by the best in the industry. Big kids need their own sandboxes to play in, and if your as serious about bringing your business online as we are, you’ll come to demand quality hosting.

Posted by Nathaniel Bannister on Tue, 24 Feb 2009